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  • Designate the outgoing WAN for LAN Subnet

    If the router has multiple WAN interfaces, we could balance the traffic with Route Policy. For example, we could make traffic source from LAN1 send via WAN1, and traffic from LAN2 send via WAN2.

  • Vigor3912S Linux Application Feature Q&A

    Vigor3912S, equipped with 256GB M.2 SSD, supports the new Linux Application function. It allows professional users to use Vigor3912S as an additional Linux computer in the network and can build servers to work with the router by themselves.

  • Running Suricata on your Vigor3912S

    Suricata is an open-source threat detection software. It supports more than 60000 rules, including 6000+ CVE rules, and can detect and prevent a wide range of network threats, such as malware, network intrusions, denial-of-service attacks, and data breaches.

  • Register the router to a SIP server

    Vigor V models, which are the model with VoIP function and RJ-11 ports for voice, can register to SIP servers and act as the VoIP gateway for the LAN network. This note is going to demonstrate the setup for SIP registration.

  • Running VigorConnect Server on your Vigor3912S

    Docker is a popular virtualization software that helps users develop, deploy, monitor, and run applications in a Docker Container with all their dependencies. Unlike the Virtual Machine, each workload needs a complete OS or hypervisor; Docker containers share the host OS kernel, and multiple workloads can run on a single OS.

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